Founded in 1986, the Anglo Latin American Foundation is formed to bring together the Latin American community in the UK and the British public to help fundraise for children’s charities in Latin America.

There are many inspiring charities throughout Latin America that support children within their local communities. These charities promote education, a better quality of life or directly give aid to those who have been affected by local or national disasters. We endeavour to support the Children of Latin America by fundraising within the UK, bringing a taste of Latin American life to the streets of London and donating the proceeds of these fundraisers to charities that help children in Latin America.

A Brief History of ALAF

“Twenty six years ago a representative of every Latin American Country sat down around the dining room table at Canning House. No one could remember when, if ever, this has happened before. They were curious to know why they have received an invitation from Morven Hutchinson and me (Meriel Larken, Secretary and chairman respectively of the Anglo Peruvian Society’s Appeals Committee) to come and hear a ‘surprise idea’. The surprise idea was conceived on the 6th December 1975, Founders Day in Quito. A band played in every corner and I was there dancing along like every Quiteña, intoxicated by the music, the colour and above all the joy and warmth of the ambience (and there was barely a bottle of beer to be seen) This was before the Royal Wedding in 1981 so I had never seen anything like it in the the United Kingdom! How Inspirational would it be, I fantasised, to introduce this Latin American way to our grey-clad, business Londoners.

The thought lay dormant until one day, Morven then secretary to the Director of Canning House, commented that, apparently the Anglo Peruvian Society, had earned a reputation for having great parties envied by many of the other Friendly Societies. That was it! The taper had been lit! Why didn’t we organise a party for all the Latin American countries to raise money for their street children and the image of Latin America.

Viva America Latina!”

Meriel Larken

Founding Chairman